My therapeutic approach is:

- to respect the client's strengths, culture and gender; 
- to empower clients to discover their own truth and problem solving resources; 
- clarify unfinished business from our early lives; 
- weave a holistic body, mind, spirit and soul connection;
- join with people in their search to find meaning in their spiritual journey; 
- assist those faced with illness in choosing appropriate healing treatments;
- individualize "the healing process" for clients.

With an attitude of gentleness and many decades of experience, I meet you where you are, your desires, hopes and fears. Here we can discover the self understanding and compassion, we all yearn for. Many of our problems arise from wounds around love that have led us to believe we may not be as lovable as we are. These old hurts and beliefs can cause us to close down our capacity to trust ourselves and others, which then affect our ability to work, play and love.

Practice Specialties:

- Stress and anxiety treatments
- Eating and Sleeping problems
- Relationships on the job, with friends and significant others 
- Connection with one's core selves