Marilyn is an experienced Psychotherapist since 1980 and specializes in Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy. Marilyn is a Clinical Member of A.A.M.F.T. and O.A.M.F.T. with an M.Ed. in Applied Psychology and Adult Education from the University of Toronto. She has a B.Sc.N in Nursing Science and is a Pastoral Counsellor with a post graduate Internship in Individual, Marriage & Family Therapy. She is also a co-author of the groundbreaking book "Goodbye Mother, Hello Woman". Marilyn is a former Professional Consultant to New Directions, an agency for divorced and widowed women.

Marilyn trained at Interfaith Pastoral Counselling Centre. It was here Marilyn developed an ability to "bridge" across many different faiths, beliefs, cultures and orientations.

This eceumenical approach does not follow any particular dogma but joins with and connects to the spiritual presence each person brings.

As a nurse, psychotherapist, mediator and lover of life, mother, wife and grandmother she tries to maintain compassion, balance and service in her llife.

Goodbye Mother Hello WomanGoodbye Mother Hello Woman - Reweaving the Daughter Mother Relationship. Co-Authors Marilyn Irwin Boynton & Mary Dell

"A very special means to learn that struggles with your mother, struggles which may have seemed isolated and unique, are universal and common to most women."
Barbara Pressman, M.Ed.
Feminist marriage and family therapist in private practice


Marilyn has a part-time practice in Haliburton, on Kennisis Lake.